Kidd Life
Filmfest 2013

German Age Rating

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It only took Kidd, a young Danish rapper, a couple of months to become a nationwide household name. Until spring 2011 he was unknown and poor, but on March 1st 2011 everything changed. Kidd and his crew uploaded a music video on YouTube and in a couple of hours the video hit 2000 views and within six months more than a million views. From that point on the hype just grew bigger and more absurd. The music industry, the media, the groupies – they all wanted a piece of Kidd, of his charm, courage, youthful spirit and distinct sound.
Andreas Johnsen followed Kidd and his crew for 18 months. He captures Kidd's extreme ups and downs, the parties and the hangovers. The result is a personal portrait of a young man on his struggling voyage to become an adult.

tags: Documentary

With: Nicholas Westwood Kidd


Screenplay: Andreas Johnsen

Director of Photography: Andreas Johnsen

Film Editor: Rasmus Stensgaard Madsen

Composer: Cheff Records

Sound: Rasmus Winther Jensen

Producer: Kirstine Barfod

Production Company: Rosforth Films

Director: Andreas Johnsen