Munich Homicide
Filmfest 2013

German Age Rating

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Chief Inspector Ludwig Schaller used to head the murder division. He was removed from the job because of his increasingly bizarre methods. Now he has a do-nothing job to keep him out of trouble (and ensure his pension) – a new department that exists solely to close cases that have not been solved. In other words, he has to drive to the homes of the relatives of victims and inform them that the case is being officially closed. As his oddball young assistants start to do just that in a particular case, events take an unexpected turn and it seems there is a lot more involved than meets the eye...

tags: TV series

Cast: Bernadette Heerwagen, Marcus Mittermeier, Alexander Held, Julia Koschitz, Volker Bruch


Screenplay: Eva Wehrum, Alexander Adolph

Director of Photography: Martin Kukula

Film Editor: Andreas Althoff

Composer: Nellies Dubile

Production Designer: Maximilian Lange

Costume Design: Friederike Tabea May

Sound: Frank Gorgas

Producer: Sven Burgemeister

Production Company: TV60Filmproduktion GmbH

Co-Producer: Andreas Schneppe

Director: Urs Egger