Blood Money
Filmfest 2013

German Age Rating

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Three brothers, all hemophiliacs, live perfectly normal lives. Stefan is the branch manager of a bank. Thomas has a family and works as a physiotherapist. And Ralf attends law school in Frankfurt. Their medical miracle has a name: Factor VIII. It is a coagulant that is made from donor blood and allows hemophiliacs to live normally without fear of a minor injury becoming life-threatening. In 1983 it is first suspected that HIV may be transmitted through blood and drugs made from donor blood. Hundreds of unassuming patients are infected with the deadly immune deficiency through Factor VIII. Doctors, but even more so the pharmaceutical companies producing Factor VIII, are keen to play down the threat and disclaim any legal responsibility for the infections of hemophiliacs. After losing his two brothers, Ralf takes their story to the public.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Max Riemelt, Lavinia Wilson, David Rott, Jule Ronstedt, Rudolf Kowalski


Screenplay: René Heisig, Kai-Uwe Hasenheit

Director of Photography: Peter Nix

Film Editor: Horst Reiter

Composer: Oliver Biehler

Production Designer: Thomas Schmid

Costume Design: Brigitte Nierhaus

Sound: Andreas Wölki

Producer: Michael Souvignier

Production Company: Zeitsprung Pictures GmbH

Co-Producer: Mark Horyna

Director: René Heisig