Among Enemies
Filmfest 2013

German Age Rating

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Diller and Kessel are cops – partners. Their friendship is put to the test when – out on patrol – Kessel runs over a small time dealer. Diller has only seconds to decide: does he do what's right or does he cover for his partner. Diller decides on the latter, knowing that nothing good can come of it. And sure enough: District Attorney Soraya Nazari puts the pressure on, declaring the so-called accident a hit-and-run and turning the incident into a major case...
Based on the novel "Unter Feinden" by Georg M. Oswald

tags: Feature film

Cast: Fritz Karl, Nicholas Ofczarek, Birgit Minichmayr, Merab Ninidze, Melika Foroutan


Screenplay: Lars Becker, Original von / by: Georg M. Oswald

Director of Photography: Andreas Zickgraf

Film Editor: Sanjeev Hathiramani

Composer: Stefan Wulff, Hinrich Dageför

Production Designer: Sabine Pawlik

Costume Design: Fana Becker

Sound: Michael Kunz

Producer: Wolfgang Cimera

Production Company: Network Movie Film- und Fernsehproduktion GmbH & Co. KG

Co-Producer: Bettina Wente

Director: Lars Becker