Filmfest 2013

Pennsylvania 1854. German immigrant John Linden is responsible for his brother's widow Flora and her two young sons. When the boys disappear without a trace, the neighboring community first helps, then turns their back on the family. John and Flora must sacrifice everything to bring the boys home.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Emily Behr, Frank Brückner, Max Cove, Leo Fischer Pasternak, Louie Fischer Pasternak


Screenplay: Lise Raven, Frank Brückner

Director of Photography: William DeJessa

Film Editor: Elyssa Cusimano

Production Designer: Lenore Romas

Costume Design: Lenore Romas

Sound: Scott Wasienko

Producer: Lise Raven

Production Company: Kinderwald Film

Director: Lise Raven