Summer In The City
Filmfest 2010

SUMMER IN THE CITY tells the story of a family in the Liège suburb of Seraing. The family is made up of Jean (52), his daughter Marie (18) and his son Benjamin (14). Jean has been fired from the steel factory. He is so ashamed that he keeps this secret from his two children. Marie has a baby, but the child’s father is in jail. Benjamin should be going to school, but prefers to spend his time with friends, mopeds, pranks and fake guns. Jean decides to leave with his van. He roams around, looking for warmth and a safe place to rest. He drives to Rotterdam, where his ex-wife has started a new life. Benjamin's teacher makes a few attempts to get him back on the right track. Benjamin doesn't know how to cope with this. He doesn't know how to deal with love; he has a feeling that it weakens him. SUMMER IN THE CITY is a portrait of a family, but above all the story of a teenager whose life seems to be pushed off track by the lack of a normal family and who desperately tries to lift himself out of his wretched, semi-feral existence. Production Notes

tags: Feature film

Cast: Julie Anson, Patrick Descamps, Benjamin Willem


Director: Martijn Maria Smits