City of Shadows
Filmfest 2010

CITY OF SHADOWS is a lustrous epic set in the Aurès Mountains of North Africa during a tumultuous period in 1895. Dr. Maxime Vincent returns from the front, his humanity bloodied but unbowed, to a chaotic desert city under lockdown. His French colonialist army has invaded, and the indigenous people are being subjected to systematic oppression, forced into the hardscrabble, lifeless outer regions to seek subsistence. Overwhelmed by disgust, Max yearns to flee as quickly as possible, but a deadly plague attacks the city, threatening a staggering loss of life, including the life of a young boy Max befriends. At the same time, his empathy for the indigenous people rankles Captain Julien Mandel, a ruthless career soldier in charge of the occupation. His conscience and compassion reignited, Max faces a moral struggle between leaving and staying...

tags: Feature film

Cast: Jean-Marc Barr, Claude Legault, Pierre Lebeau, Sabine Karsenti, Vincent Winterhalter


Director: Nguyen KIM