Love Steaks
Filmfest 2013

A luxury hotel. Steaks are sizzling, muffin tops being massaged. Clemens (rare) enters the wellness area as a rookie. Lara (well-done) needs to assert herself in the kitchen pack.
The elevator brings the two of them together. Hanging in dependence. They encounter each other, until they clash.
HFF 'Konrad Wolf'

tags: Feature film

Cast: Lana Cooper, Franz Rogowski


Screenplay: Jakob Lass, Ines Schiller, Timon Schäppi, Nico Woche

Director of Photography: Timon Schäppi

Film Editor: Gesa Jäger

Composer: Golo Schultz

Production Designer: Caspar Pichner

Costume Design: Anna Hostert

Sound: Julius Middendorff, Valentin Finke, Christoph Kozik

Producer: Ines Schiller

Production Company: Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen (HFF) "Konrad Wolf"

Co-Producer: Golo Schultz

World Sales: Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen HFF Konrad Wolf

Director: Jakob Lass