The Legacy
Filmfest 2010

Dr. Rainville is an old country doctor who feels very attached to his patients. Nearing retirement, he must find a successor. Dr. Jeanne Dion, an emergency room doctor from Montréal, wants a life change. She responds to Rainville's classified ad and agrees to come and fill in for him in Normétal for a few weeks while he's away on an important trip. During the old doctor's trip, Jeanne gets to know his patients. Normétal is in decline. Its only major business was a mine that closed thirty years ago. Life here is hard, and the rapport with patients far more intimate than what Jeanne experienced in the emergency room of an urban hospital... THE LEGACY is the third part of a trilogy that consists of THE NOVENA (2005) and AGAINST ALL HOPE (2007) and deals with the theological virtues of faith, hope and charity. The character of Jeanne Dion is present in parts one and three, but each film is independent and stands on its own. E1 Entertainment International

tags: Feature film

Cast: Élise Guibault, Jacques Godin, Françoise Graton, Éric Hoziel, Angèle Coutu


Director: Bernard Émond