It Has To Be Done
Filmfest 2010

If cities were judged by their underground, Linz would be a metropolis. Since the late seventies, the music scene of the Austrian steel city has been unique in its spirit of innovation and its non-conformity. The documentary IT HAS TO BE DONE portrays the emergence and development of the scene over two decades. From Willi Warma to Texta, from Attwenger to Fuckhead, from punk to hip hop, from New Volksmusik to industrial, Linz proves to be a melting pot for the most diverse musical styles. A portrait of a city on the move, where not only the blast furnaces are hot. Production Notes

with: Fuckhead, Willi Warma, Die Mollies, The Rats, In-Seit, Feuerlöscher, Target of Demand, Stand To Fall, Seven Sioux, Texta, Urfahrener Durchbruch u.a

tags: Documentary


Director: Christian Tod, Oliver Stangl