Greetings From The Woods
Filmfest 2010

Inside and outside the well-kept hedges, life carries on as usual. The King buys his daily newspaper. Bertil searches the parking lot for dogs to photograph. Hans and Gun-Britt is planting a big, but still too small, rock in their garden. Trying to get their minds off it all. When darkness falls over the little village in the woods, the Indians gather for a meeting in the town house as angst, frustration and silent prayer echoes in the night. The Swedish Film Institute

with: Gun-Britt Karlsson, Hans Karlsson, Bertil Svensson, Bent-Sten Olsen, Irene Persson, Sonny Persson, Nadine Persson, Jan Erik Högberg

tags: Documentary


Director: Mikel Cee Karlsson