Ruanda - The Day God Walked Away
Filmfest 2010

Rwanda, April 1994. During the first days of the genocide, westerners escape the country. Before being evacuated, a Belgian family finds a hiding place for Jacqueline, their young nanny, in the attic. Despite the horror taking place outside, Jacqueline leaves her hideout to find her way back to her village and her children, only to find their lifeless bodies among the dead. Cast out from her home and the village, hunted like an animal, she seeks refuge in the forest. This film is not an attempt at reconstructing the genocide. It is inspired by a true story. I've chosen to tell her personal story through the tragedy of the Rwandese genocide, because it allows me to believe that she's alive... The terror had to remain impersonal. It would not be incarnated, the attackers would remain omnipresent but fleeting silhouettes. I did not want the victims and the murderers to be treated on equal terms.This film belongs to the victim and her survival. Nothing else. Philippe Van Leeuw

tags: Feature film

Cast: Ruth Keaza Niere, Afazali Dewaele


Director: Philippe Leeuw