Freedom Bus
Filmfest 2013

Ashraf El Sharkawy only knew Egypt from his summer holidays. The son of Egyptian parents, he was born and raised in Germany and climbed the corporate ladder to become a young but high-powered executive for the largest insurance company in the world. When the revolution on Tahrir Square unfolded, Ashraf heard his call.
Driven by the desire to give something back to the country of his ancestors, he quit his job and left for Egypt to start a democratization campaign called 'Freedom Bus'. His goal was to reach one million people in the six months prior to the election.
FREEDOM BUS offers a unique view of an Arab country whose society is in the process of dramatic upheaval. The film is a road movie into the political unknown but also the story of a man whose two-fold identity is both a blessing and a curse.
if... Productions, Munich

tags: Documentary

With: Ashraf El Sharkawy


Director of Photography: Jakobine Motz

Film Editor: Hansjörg Weißbrich, Eva Hartmann

Composer: Saam Schlamminger, Tom Förderer

Production Company: if... Productions e.K.

Director: Fatima Geza Abdollahyan