The Red Chapel
Filmfest 2010

A (purposefully?) insufferable Danish journalist, Mads Brügger, attempts a Borat-like stunt in Pyongyang when he convinces the North Korean government of the cultural value in hosting the fart-filled slapstick revue of Danish-Korean performing duo Simon and Jacob. Under 24-hour surveillance in a police state, Brügger's attempts to "expose the very core of evil that is North Korea" are impossible to achieve, of course; the real draw of this unclassifiable doc is his two charges' increasingly conflicted feelings about Brügger, his deceptions and their faux-"homecoming". Or, as Simon responds with Scandinavian calm when his director pushes them too far: "The fondue pot has boiled over." Melissa Anderson, The Village Voice

tags: Feature film

Cast: Jacob Nossell, Simon Jul Jørgensen, Johan Stahl Winthereik, René Johannsen, Mads Brügger


Director: Mads Brügger