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Paris, winter 1885. At Salpêtrière Hospital, Professor Charcot studies a mysterious disease – hysteria. Augustine, 19, becomes his favorite subject, the star of his demonstrations of hypnosis. But from guinea pig, she gradually becomes an object of desire ...

"Charcot was a star. A medical star. The Emperor of Brazil and the wife of the Russian Tsar were among his patients. He was a great physician, a pioneer, the founder of modern neurology. His patients were in awe of him. I didn't want to film his rise, but his fall. The film deals with the total reversal of the balance of power between Charcot and Augustine, doctor and patient, middle-aged man and young woman, wealthy gentleman and working-class girl. Charcot discovers that he has a body, and loses control. Augustine discovers that she has a brain, and takes control over him."
Alice Winocour

tags: Feature film

Cast: Soko, Vincent Lindon, Chiara Mastroianni, Olivier Rabourdin, Roxane Duran


Screenplay: Alice Winocour

Director of Photography: George Lechaptois

Film Editor: Julien Lacheray

Production Designer: Arnaud de Moléron

Costume Design: Pascaline Chavanne

Sound: Jean-Luc Audy

Producer: Isabelle Madelaine

Production Company: Dharamsala

World Sales: Kinology

Director: Alice Winocour