Filmfest 2010

Child and drug trafficking, prostitution, it’s all in the Iranian crime drama Tehroun, slang for Tehran — a frank film for Iranian cinema (and funded by French money). Country bumpkin Ibrahim has left his small town for Tehran, and he’s first seen begging in traffic with a baby boy in his arms. The first clue that the newborn may not be his (or that Ibrahim’s a self-described widower) is that he treats the baby like a prop. Part of the film’s appeal, beside its exoticism, is its exposure of the capital city's underbelly, that, for censorship reasons, is usually left untouched by Iranian films that make their way to the U.S., and its lack of redemption. Not only do you feel the desperation of Ibrahim, who tries anything (illegally) to scrape by, director Nader T. Homayoun sets off an intimate and expansive tender box, all in 95 minutes. www.film-forward.com

tags: Feature film

Cast: Ali Ebdali, Sara Bahrami, Farzin Mohades, Missagh Zareh


Director: Nader T. Homayoun