The Traveller
Filmfest 2010

THE TRAVELLER spans 60 years, albeit taking place on three specific days: in 1948 in Suez, 1973 in Alexandria and 2001 in Cairo. Any students of Middle Eastern history will be aware of the epochal nature of those three dates. Maher, however, avoids any obvious political sermonising to create instead a subtly poetic portrayal of innocence lost against a backdrop of social tumult. Sharif makes a towering return to form with his highly personal performance. He is matched by two of Arab cinema's most promising talents in Khaled El Nabawy, who plays the younger version of Sharif's character, and Lebanese actress Cyrine Abdelnour. Maher's script, which he began writing in 2001, was championed by two of Egypt's most powerful film critics, Ali Abou Shady and Samir Farid, who convinced Egyptian culture minister Farouk Hosni to support the film. The result is the Egyptian Ministry of Culture's first production in 38 years and, more importantly, a golden reminder of Egyptian cinema's halcyon days some half a century ago. Ali Jaafar, BFI 53rd London Film Festival

tags: Feature film

Cast: Omar Sharif, Khaled El Nabawy, Cyrine Abdelnour, Amr Waked, Sherif Ramzy


Director: Ahmed Maher