Filmfest 2010

Television has been blamed for the dumbing down of the American public since the ascendance of the boob tube in the 1950s. But in Italy, where scandal-plagued prime minister Silvio Berlusconi controls the flow of information through his monopolistic holdings in that nation’s biggest media conglomerates, there is a more insidious aspect to the chronic press muzzling at RAI and trashy tits-and-ass programming that predominate on his Mediaset channels. If you want to get a sense of how the billionaire entrepreneur’s televisual imagination has transformed the political and mass-media landscape in Italy, Erik Gandini’s cunningly choreographed documentary VIDEOCRACY provides plenty of food for thought, taking a gimlet-eyed view of the Berlusconi phenomenon. But instead of stampeding into this tangle of cultural conflict with rhetorical guns a-blazing, Gandini, an Italian-born filmmaker based in Sweden (GITMO: THE NEW RULES OF WAR), adopts a far subtler, more intriguingly first-person approach.

with: Silvio Berlusconi, Flavio Briatore, Rick Canelli, Fabrizio Corona, Marella Giovannelli, Lele Mora, Simone Ventura

tags: Documentary


Director: Eric Gandini