Filmfest 2010

ZAPPING-ALIEN@MOZART-BALLS ... the film for the new millennium. An interactive video with Ali the Alien, virtual worlds, the search for Mozart, the drug 'Peps' and true love. Advertising designer Joe is in financial trouble. His girlfriend Mary convinces him to accept a job with her aunt, Mrs. Devil. Joe's assignment: to develop an interactive computer game that introduces the new drug 'Peps'. Jack, a henchman of Mrs. Devil, is entrusted with overseeing this diabolical undertaking. In Joe's game, Ali - an alien - goes searching for Mozart and the drug 'Peps' with the help of the inventor Einstein and Frau Müller in Salzburg in 2026. Throughout his quest through this strange world, Ali is pursued by the authorities and ticks off a drug dealer. As things progress, the realms of reality and computer fiction become so intertwined that Joe is on the verge of losing his mind. Suffering and passion take their toll... After all, a pact with the devil always has its price. Production Notes

tags: Feature film

Cast: Helmut Berger, Vitus Zeplichal, Susanne Schäfer, Karl Merkatz, Julia Gschnitzer


Director: Vitus Zeplichal