Mountain Blood
Filmfest 2010

Historical drama to sink your teeth into. You might know Tyrol from its breathtaking scenery and wonderful old towns (and if you don't, it's well worth a visit), but its history is one of rebellion, violence, war and bloodshed. Spring 1809. Katharina’s Tyrolean husband, Franz, is arguing with a French soldier on Augsburg’s marketplace. It ends with the accidental death of the soldier and the young couple fleeing the city for Franz’s homeland. Bavaria and France, which have occupied Tyrol for years, are the enemy and Franz is quickly caught up in Andreas Hofer's independence movement. Before long, Franz marches off to war, leaving Katharina alone. Her self-reliance eventually wins her the villagers’ respect. Against all odds, the Tyroleans return victorious. The villagers celebrate. Only Katharina and the village priest recognise that a lasting victory is impossible. Forced to make a decision, Katharina decides to render Franz unfit for battle. But he discovers her plan, severs their relationship and banishes Katharina from the farm. Production Notes

tags: Feature film

Cast: Inga Birkenfeld, Wolfgang Menardi, Anton Algrang, Mathieu Carrière, Jutta Speidel


Director: Philipp J. Pamer