Filmfest 2013

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"Nina is a lost soul drifting through life in a sun-bleached Rome that everyone else has abandoned for the Summer. Nina has agreed to spend the sweltering months housesitting a friend's apartment and caring for his depressed dog, hamster and aquarium. She has no plans, no relationship and no great ambitions other than a desire to visit China. As she strolls the streets, whizzes around on a vespa and satisfies her sweet tooth, Nina’s niggling existential angst makes her the modern equivalent of a character in an Antonioni film. Her friendship with 11-year-old Ettore and the acquisition of an admirer in shaggy-haired cellist Fabrizio set her on the road to a summer she will never forget."
20th Italian Film Festival Edinburgh, April 2013

"NINA is an artfully elegant and sweetly playful film."

tags: Feature film

Cast: Diane Fleri, Luca Marinelli, Ernesto Mahieux, Luigi Catani, Marina Rocco


Screenplay: Elisa Fuksas, Valia Santella

Director of Photography: Michele d’Attanasio

Film Editor: Eleonora Cao, Natalie Cristiani

Composer: Andrea Mariano

Production Designer: Carmine Guarino

Costume Design: Grazia Colombini

Producer: Silvia Innocenzi

Production Company: Magda Film

Co-Producer: Giovanni Saulini

World Sales: Intramovies srl

Director: Elisa Fuksas