The Stoning Of Saint Stephen
Filmfest 2013

German Age Rating

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A contemporary hagiographical account that chronicles the last days of St. Etienne, old and sick, who has to face both the rebukes of his personal environment and his own moral doubts. His lonely life goes through a rigorous daily routine marked by rituals and small details. He lives surrounded by all kinds of objects that he has accumulated over the time. They are memories of a tragic past which he refuses to forget. Jeanne, the apartment’s owner, along with neighbors and social services, wants to throw him out. Étienne, however, has no intention of leaving his apartment, as he is convinced he is living with the presences of his dead wife and daughter. A domestic accident leaves Étienne badly injured in his home. With its last breath he tries to call for help, but what then...

tags: Feature film

Cast: Lou Castel, Marie Payen, Luis Rego


Screenplay: Pere Vilà Barceló, Laura Merino

Director of Photography: José Luís Bernal

Film Editor: David Pérez

Composer: Jordi Casadevall

Production Designer: David Fauchs

Sound: Mathieu Rathelot

Producer: Lluís Miñarro

Co-Producer: Elisabeth Pawlowski, David Pérez

Production Company: Eddie Saeta SA

World Sales: Media Luna New Films

Director: Pere Vilà Barceló