I Only Want You to Love Me
Filmfest 2010

This film tells the story of someone who was unable to manage his life alone because the rules he adopted were useless for survival. In addition, while his needs went unsatisfied, the world refused to acknowledge his formulation. When Peter, the main character, reaches a point where he cannot continue and no longer stands on firm ground, when all is put into question what he held to be right, he freaks out. He commits the type of murder that is later classified as senseless. In fact, Peter points out the senselessness he feels about life by committing an equally senseless act: He murders someone. Now the others must take care of the rest. And they do: Peter gets a ten-year sentence for manslaughter – as though this would be a method to make him a smarter person. Peter spent his life before the crime with constant, unconquerable, compulsive attempts to gain the love of those important to him. Since Peter had little to offer, his relationships with others always turned into wearisome battles. R. W. Fassbinder Foundation

tags: Feature film

Cast: Vitus Zeplichal, Elke Aberle, Alexander Allerson, Ernie Mangold, Johanna Hofer


Director: Rainer Werner Fassbinder