Loss Is To Be Expected
Filmfest 2010

Loss is to be expected begins with an arresting image: a village idiot undresses in front of the camera and performs a strip-tease to the barely audible static from a Czech radio station. Seidl maintains that this behaviour and the tolerant attitude with which the Czech villagers regard it are meant to serve as a contrast to Austria . There, just a few kilometres over the border, such a man would be locked away on the basis that he is disturbing the “image” of the community. This is an example of a tactic central to Seidl's works: mapping two worlds that although located geographically close together are totally different from one another. Mathias Frey, www.sensesofcinema.com

With: Paula Hutterová, Sepp Paur, Stepánká Srámkoyá, Rusena Machaloyá, Miroslav Sedlar, Alois Paur, Vladimir Kundrát

tags: Documentary


Director: Ulrich Seidl