Jesus, You Know
Filmfest 2010

JESUS, YOU KNOW toys with empathy, though it's safe to say that this collection of tortured monologues — prayers to God, delivered straight to the camera, quickly curdling into the repressed and sociopathic — unsurprisingly doesn't follow through on the declaration made by one woman at the start: "We all made this film in honor of You." It's a safe guess Seidl wouldn't agree about his motivations there. Vadim Rizov, If watching devout churchgoers pray to Jesus before a static camera sounds like the dullest idea ever for a documentary, think again: This might be the most fun you've ever had in church. Ken Fox, TV Guide's Movie Guide

tags: Feature film

Cast: Elfriede Ahmad, Waltraute Bartel, Hans-Jürgen Eder, Thomas Ullram, Angelika Weber


Director: Ulrich Seidl