Hotel Atlântico
Filmfest 2010

An unemployed actor embarks on a journey. It’s a meaningless trip to nowhere - a blind flight with no instruments. On this journey he encounters absurd, contradictory, unexpected, illogical and hilarious situations. Events seem to unfold seamlessly, right up to the unexpected and valid ending. Production Notes The third film by master Brazilian director Amaral retains a creepy allure from its first scene, in which an unknown actor masturbates to the sex sounds of a couple in a cheap hotel, to the scene where the same character, now crippled, receives a blow job in a darkened chapel. Largely captivating, thanks to a meandering plot structure and strange dichotomy between sex and religion, Amaral’s film is a wild and soul-darkening ride. Chandler Levack,

tags: Feature film

Cast: Julio Andrade, Mariana Ximenes, João Miguel, Gero Camilo


Director: Suzana Amaral