The Man Who Bottled Clouds
Filmfest 2010

When people think about Brazilian music, they think about Samba and Bossa Nova. But in between these two is a forgotten decade when a rythm from the Northeast moved south, took the country by storm and then spread around the world. It is the most exciting and authentic of all Brazilian sounds: BAIÃO. THE MAN WHO BOTTLED CLOUDS tells the story of Baião through the rise and fall of its main proponent, the lyricist and composer known as “The Doctor of Baião”. Humberto Teixeira was one of the most prolific composers in Brazilian popular music. His rise to stardom in the fifties was meteoric. The documentary accompanies Humberto Teixeira’s daughter, Denise Dummont, on her journey to learn more about her father. THE MAN WHO BOTTLED CLOUDS is a celebration not just of Teixeira’s lyrical and musical artistry, its continuing influence and his devotion to bringing Brazilian music to the rest of the world, but a celebration of Brazil itself. Production Notes

with: David Byrne, Caetano Veloso, Chico Buarque, Gilberto Gil, Luiz Gonzaga, Maria Bethânia

tags: Documentary


Director: Lírio Ferreira