Filmfest 2010

It is Christmas Eve in Santiago de Chile. Three teenagers with different problems at home end up spending the holiday together. Alejandro is 17 and comes from a working-class family. He is Aurora's boyfriend, an upper-class 18-year-old girl as beautiful as she is confused. Their relationship is going through a crisis. He joins in her search for objects and mementoes from her dead father's house before it is occupied by the new owners. To their surprise, they find an intruder in the house, a vulnerable 16-year-old runaway. As they help her, they gradually find an exit to their own impasse. Alejandro and Aurora start to feel a growing fascination for the enigmatic Alicia, who increasingly becomes the personification of their desire. It is a night of initiation and loss of innocence, after which they will begin to take the control of their own lives. Production Notes

tags: Feature film

Cast: Manula Martelli, Alicia Rodriguez, Diego Ruíz


Director: Sebastián Lelio