Filmfest 2010

Andres reaches the Mexican border to cross into the United States. Between each attempt, he discovers that Tijuana, the city that adopts him, is a troubled one. As he awaits there, Andres is not only confronted with his feelings and what he left behind, but also with those he meets in Tijuana: Cata, Ela and Asensio. Production Notes As Andres moves closer to the border from his native Oaxaca, Perezcano displays a wonderful sensitivity for the minutiae of everyday life and the many nuances of relationships. Andres' interactions with both women are treated with great subtlety and respect; all three of them have partners and families living elsewhere, a constant reminder of one of the many pains of border crossing. (Both Cata's and Ela's husbands crossed some time ago, never to return or seek them out.) Despite the difficulty of the film's subject matter, Perezcano's ability to find humour in the absurd provides relief as we accompany Andres in his latest attempt to make it to the other side. Diana Sanchez, 2009 TIFF

tags: Feature film

Cast: Harold Torres, Alicia Lagunes, Luis Cárdenas, Sonia Couch


Director: Rigoberto Pérezcano