You Think You Are The Prettiest... (But You Are The Sluttiest)
Filmfest 2010

In a world where the main dialogue is soccer, video games and the content of your iPod, 19-year-old Javier seeks to prove that he is finally an adult by seducing girls. “We’re over 18 now,” he says to his current target, Valentina, as if to imply that now that it’s legal to have sex, it is also practically required. Not that Valentina is unwilling. After a bit of flirting and sparring they are back at his apartment, taking their clothes off under a James Dean poster. But when Valentina dumps him and sleeps with his best friend Nicolás, Javier is disconsolate and tries to seduce Nicolás’s girlfriend. Unsuccessful once again, now Javier has a hard time even talking a prostitute into sleeping with him... like many of the astute romantic comedies about adolescent fumblings at love that have preceded it, YOU THINK YOU’RE THE PRETTIEST turns on its head the idea of the boys dominating the girls; the girls own the boys in this one. Miguel Pendás, 53rd San Francisco Intl. Film Festival

tags: Feature film

Cast: Martín Castillo, Camila Le-Bert, Francisco Braithwaite, Andrea Riquelme, Grimanesa Jiménez


Director: José Manuel (Ché) Sandoval