Filmfest 2010

Belair Filmes (ironically named after a neighborhood in Los Angeles) was a film production company created by Julio Bressane and Rogério Sganzerla, that, between February and May 1970, made seven feature-length films. Belair is a history of cinema. Forbidden by the censorship of the time, these fiction films are an unknown and revealing mirror-mask of that dark period. An optical excavation brings to light these clandestine frames. The montage projects the experimental effort of these filmmakers to make visible the invisible and moves the pieces in a chess game of fictions, of energies, of stories... Production Notes

with: Julio Bressane, Rogério Sganzerla, Helena Ignez, Maria Gladys, Guará Rodrigues, Grande Otelo

tags: Documentary


Director: Bruno Safadi, Noa Bressane