The Stranger's Land
Filmfest 2010

THE STRANGER'S LAND is a personal documentary about my return to my hometown, Cervera, after a very long absence. It consists of a recollection of different moments, people and landscapes I encountered during a five-month stay... Since Cervera is the place where I spent my childhood and where my first memories reside, the "time" factor, in all its senses, soon became a central element of the project as it unfolded. My home revealed itself like a pool of time in which I could see my reflection while at the same time I could see life itself passing by. In this way, the documentary addresses the subject of time understood as the different periods of a human life. During the shooting and editing process, I chose to construct a sense of rhythm that would really reflect the way time can be perceived in my town – and which I also wanted the audience to experience – as something that passes by very slowly, yet keeps going, relentlessly. Xavier Marrades

tags: Documentary


Director: Xavier Marrades