Hassan's Way
Filmfest 2014

After thirteen years in Spain, Hassan is jobless and decides to go back home to Morocco. He invests all his savings in a second hand tractor to earn a living in his country and hits the road. His destination: his family and a new life in his village. A real journey played by a real man who travels, town to town, meeting unforgettable characters and overcoming obstacles, making this journey a real odyssey.
Production Notes

"This film is not based on true events, it actually is a true story. The main actor isn't an actor, he is an immigrant who came to Spain with nothing and now returns with his only possession – a tractor."
Director's Note

tags: Arab World, Work, Humor, Nature, Road Movie, Feature film

Cast: Hassan Benoudra


Screenplay: Fran Araujo, Ernesto de Nova

Director of Photography: Diego Dussuel

Film Editor: Pablo Gil Rituerto

Composer: Juanjo Valmorisco, Ana Villa

Production Designer: Alejandro López

Costume Design: María Zapico

Sound: Nacho R. Arenas

Producer: Oihana Olea

Production Company: Altube Filmeak

Co-Producer: Pandora da Cunha Telles

World Sales: Cinema Republic

Director: Fran Araújo Cabaleiro, Ernesto de Nova