Filmfest 2010

Tania and her 14-year-old son Ivan have been illegal Russian immigrants in Belgium for eight years now. Constantly on her guard, Tania fears police identity checks. One day she is arrested. Mother and son are separated. Tania is placed in a detention center. She stops at nothing to find Ivan in spite of the constant threat of deportation hanging over her head. Production Notes "It’s the "System," a masculine word in French, that I consider "illegal," not Tania. The administrative detention centers found in our countries, which supposedly respect human rights, are illegal. The vast majority of illegal immigrants held in these centres have had to flee extreme poverty, dictatorship, war etc., and when after an often trying and dangerous journey, they end up in our countries; we welcome them by putting them in prison. They are treated like criminals. In fact, Belgium has already been convicted four times by the European Court of Human Rights for inhuman or degrading treatment. That shows you to what extent my country lives up to its ideals." Olivier Masset-Depasse

tags: Feature film

Cast: Anne Coesens, Essé Lawson, Gabriela Perez, Alexandre Gontcharov, Christelle Cornil


Director: Olivier Masset-Depasse