Of Love And Constraints
Filmfest 2010

Of Love And Constraints: Speculations on Fassbinder’s "I Only Want You To love Me" In November and December of 1975, between the two shooting phases of SATAN'S BREW, Rainer Werner Fassbinder shot a film for television that, without a doubt, is one of his most personal works. This 60-minute documentary was made during and immediately after its restoration in 2010. Even though this Fassbinder film is based on interviews with a convicted murderer, there is no other character in all of his films that Fassbinder indentified with more than the young construction worker Peter (Vitus Zeplichal). This film concentrates on the reasons why, or rather, the plausible reasons. So it is not just a belated 'making of' but a film about the human being Rainer Werner Fassbinder and his artistic motivation. Robert Fischer

with: Elke Aberle, Katharina Buchhammer, Erni Mangold, Vitus Zeplichal, Michael Ballhaus, Susi Dölfes, Günter Rohrbach, Karsten Ullrich, Hans Günther Pflaum, Christian Braad Thomsen and Rainer Werner Fassbinder

tags: Documentary


Director: Robert Fischer