Little Baby Jesus of Flandr
Filmfest 2010

When the three beggars Suskewiet, Pitje Vogel and Schrobberbeek are tired of their poverty and hunger, they decide to sing some carols on Christmas Eve. Their little plan becomes a triumph and they sing themselves rich. On the way back to the pub however, they get lost in the woods and witness the birth of Little Baby Jesus. Bedazzled by this miracle, they decide to give away all their gifts. When Christmas comes around the following year, they decide to sing again. But puzzled by last year's experience, they start to quarrel over the gifts... Production Notes "Little Baby Jesus" seems a tribute to the kind of work on which the Cannes sidebar made its name and will definitely divide viewers. A cast made up almost entirely of actors with Down Syndrome, a Latina devil, a singing transvestite and a black midget musician are just some of the elements critics and cineastes can lap up in the film." Natasha Senjanovic, Hollywood Reporter, May 15, 2010

tags: Feature film

Cast: Peter Janssens, Paul Mertens, Jelle Palmaerts


Director: Gust Van den Berghe