Filmfest 2014

German Age Rating

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Travelling around Europe's highways for years, Branko has turned into a truck driver who is farther and farther away from everything and everyone. He spends most of his life in his truck trying to provide a better life for his family. Day and night, for weeks on end, he and his truck become one. He makes three times as much as he did as a teacher, but everything has a price, even though it's not always measurable in money.

"A movie that shrewdly questions our times and the definition of identity, rambling around through Europe's porous borders."
Premio Solinas screenplay award 2010

tags: Work, Relationship, Society, Road Movie, Feature film, Economy

Cast: Branko Zavrsan, Lucka Pockaj, Marijan Sestak


Screenplay: Enrico Vecchi, Carlo Arciero, Alberto Fasulo, Branko Zavrsan

Director of Photography: Alberto Fasulo

Film Editor: Johannes Hiroshi Nakajima

Sound: Giancarlo Rutigliano

Producer: Alberto Fasulo

Production Company: Nefertiti Film

World Sales: Fandango Sales

Director: Alberto Fasulo