The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu
Filmfest 2010

When you look at a certain person for 8 hours each day, at some point, something happens. Even if most of Ceaucescu's images are protocol, ritualized images. I used the archive of the life of a head of state, and all the archives of head of states are protocol archives. What does exist, however, are the so-called remains, at the beginnings and endings of reels, and these preserve the genuine moments. This is not a big discovery: every man is — before knowing he is being filmed and after he thinks the shooting has stopped — his true self, whatever that means. I kept mainly these moments, which are, astonishingly, quite many. And that's how you start to get to know someone. After a while you gain access, you start to understand his micro-gestures, his body language, the inflections of his voice... I can say a transformation took place, his image became human. Andrei Ujica

with: Nicolae Ceausescu, Elena Ceausescu

tags: Documentary


Director: Andrei Ujica