Rags And Tatters
Filmfest 2014

German Age Rating

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Escaping after years of incarceration, a nameless man tries to find his way home amid the turbulence of the Tahrir
Square demonstrations in a Cairo turned upside down by the protests of the Egyptian Revolution of 2011. As he rejoins the family and the country he has been separated from for so long, he finds that everything about life as he knew it has changed irrevocably.
Visit Films, Brooklyn, N.Y.

"During the sit-­in in Tahrir Square, I personally volunteered at what was known as the Media Camp which is a tent built in the square to collect footage from mobile phones and cameras of the protestors and revolutionaries, while other volunteers archived and organized the footage before sending it to international stations... I found myself spontaneously drawn to the idea of using similar filming techniques... to create a new visual style of storytelling."
Ahmad Abdalla

tags: Arab World, Experimental, Violence, War, Feature film, Current Affairs

Cast: Asser Yassin, Amr Abed, Mohamed Mamdouh, Yara Gubran, Atef Yousef


Screenplay: Ahmad Abdalla

Director of Photography: Tarek Hefny

Film Editor: Hisham Saqr

Composer: Mahmoud Hamdy

Production Designer: Nihal Farouk

Sound: Ahmed Moustafa Saleh

Producer: Mohamed Hefzy

Production Company: Film-Clinic

Co-Producer: Omar Shama

World Sales: Visit Films

Director: Ahmad Abdalla