Draquila - Italy Trembles
Filmfest 2010

A town devastated by an earthquake – the perfect location from which to recount Italy’s drift into authoritarianism, the mess of blackmail, scandal, swindles and inertia of the political classes, the media and the citizens, that have paralysed the country. Production Notes "I wanted to talk about the fact that there is no reaction from the opposition, about the inconsistency and lack of political power; about the fact that the citizens can’t seem to be able to get organised and are only capable of accomplishing desperate acts. First and foremost this enquiry shows how, in the name of emergency and safety, laws are constantly bypassed and civil rights ignored through the power of a pseudo citizen’s organisation, the so-called “Civil Protection”, which - thanks to Berlusconi - has acquired immense power." Sabina Guzanti

with: Silvio Berlusconi, Sabina Guzzanti

tags: Documentary


Director: Sabina Guzzanti