Shattering Shadow
Filmfest 2014

Adisu, a young fisherman, flees after his village is massacred. On a journey to rediscover his identity, the young man loses himself in the geological wonder of his native country. The film picks up forty years later in a port town in northern Europe. An elderly taxi driver now, Adisu revisits sentiments each passing night, in search of a memory of a lost love.

tags: Loneliness, Memories, Francophone, War, Feature film, Grief/ Trauma

Cast: Abebe Ephrem Walle, Josep Portuno, Aba Brahmi, Alganich Tareken, Tsege Bekele


Screenplay: Patrick Dechesne, Alain-Pascal Housiaux

Director of Photography: Frédéric Noirhomme, Hélène Louvart

Film Editor: Marie-Hélène Dozo

Composer: David Mennessier

Production Designer: Sophie Dubuisson

Costume Design: Marie-Paule Brauers

Sound: Nico Bunnik

Producer: Valérie Bournouville

Production Company: Tarantula Film

Co-Producer: Joseph Rouschop, Johannes Rexin, Bettina Brokemper, Patrick Dechesne, Alain-Pascal Housiaux

World Sales: Tarantula Film

Director: Alain-Pascal Housiaux, Patrick Dechesne