Steel Cold Winter
Filmfest 2014

German Age Rating

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High school student Yoon-su suffers from an unbearable burden. One of his friends committed suicide after a trivial remark he made became a vicious rumor. Traumatized by the experience, his family moves to a rural village, where he witnesses a mysterious young girl skating by herself on a frozen lake. But as he gets to know her better, he's exposed to vicious rumors surrounding her – that she has an incestious relationship with her father. Wanting to redeem himself, he vows to protect her from the rumors that are spreading. But one night, Yoon-su witnesses Hye-won going into her father’s room with a knife in her hand. The following day, her dad is found dead in his home and his hand cut off. As the situation takes a turn for the worst, he makes a decision that sends him over the point of no return in order to shield her from the rest of the villagers.
CJ Entertainment

tags: Family, Far East, Guilt, Feature film, Spirituality, Crime/ Murder

Cast: Si-hoo Kim, Yun-hea Kim


Screenplay: Yun-jin Choi

Director of Photography: Won-ho Son

Film Editor: Jai-keun Choi

Composer: Dong-seok Yim

Production Designer: Jong-pill Lee

Costume Design: Hye-youn Kim

Sound: Bong-soo Kim

Producer: Tae-sung Jeong

Production Company: Film Blossom

Co-Producer: Gill Jay, Yun-jin Choi

World Sales: CJ Entertainment

Director: Jin-seong Choi