Trap Street
Filmfest 2014

German Age Rating

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LI Qiuming is a young trainee at a digital mapping company. His job is to survey the streets of the ever changing city and keep the mapping system up to date. To make ends meet, he installs video cameras at public venues, but hides his side job from his strict father who is a senior editor of a government-run magazine. One day while out surveying, he has a brief encounter with a beautiful young woman who disappears into a secluded alley. He learns that the data he collected of the street will not register in the mapping system. The street has disappeared as if it never existed. Desperate to reconnect with the mysterious woman he continues his investigation of the unmappable street only to discover something that will change his life forever.

tags: Relationship, Far East, Love, Politics, Feature film, Urban

Cast: Yulai Lu, Wenchao He, Yong Hou


Screenplay: Vivian Qu

Director of Photography: Matthieu Laclau, Tian Li

Film Editor: Hongyu Yang

Production Designer: Quiang Liu

Sound: Yang Zhang

Producer: Sean Chen

Production Company: 22 Hours Films

World Sales: 22 Hours Films

Director: Vivian Qu