Dead Youth
Filmfest 2010

Since the end of the 90’s, more than thirty teenagers have taken their own lives in Las Heras, a southern town in the province of Santa Cruz. There were no indications of the causes for these suicides, and no one can explain what happened. Based on those deaths, and others that still occur today, this film evokes those existences, trying to examine the emptiness and the mystery that surrounded their lives and deaths. "When I was a kid my biggest fear, the one that kept me awake all night, was the idea of the world still turning around without me. I think I was less afraid of the moment of death, than of the idea of not existing anymore. That no one would remember me, and everything would stay the same. I read about this story in a newspaper some years ago, I don’t know why, but I ripped that page out and kept it. A few months later I found another article about the same town and then I just knew I had to do something." Leandro Listorti

tags: Documentary


Director: Leandro Listorti