Another Year
Filmfest 2014

German Age Rating

Yegor and Zhenya, both 25 years old, love each other tenderly. They rent a small apartment in a residential neighborhood. Zhenya has recently started working for a trendy online newspaper. She's in euphoria because of her new job and the new friends she's made. Yegor, unlike his wife, has no ambitions, works nights as a taxi driver and sleeps during the day. Zhenya's colleagues invite her to parties and exhibitions; Yegor, however, is against all such 'bohemian' entertainment. He is resentful of Zhenya's work and terribly jealous of Zhenya associating with the journalistic coterie, and specifically – one of the editors. Their 'Scenes from a Marriage' becoming tougher, pride ever louder, resentment ever deeper – and finally, after one more quarrel Yegor tells his wife, "Let's get divorced!"
Multiland Ltd., Gosfilmofond of Russia

tags: Society, Humor, Youth/ Coming of Age, Love, Sexuality, Feature film

Cast: Aleksey Filimonov, Nadya Lumpova


Screenplay: Natalya Meshchaninova, Lubov Mulmenko

Director of Photography: Kirill Bobrov

Film Editor: Ivan Lebedev

Production Designer: Olga Khlebnikova

Sound: Vladimir Golovnitsky

Producer: Nikolay Borodachev

Production Company: Gosfilmofond of Russia

Co-Producer: Arnold Tatarintsev, Mikhail Rozentsveyg, Vasiliy Shilnikov

World Sales: Antipode Sales & Distribution

Director: Oksana Bychkova