Field Of Dogs
Filmfest 2014

German Age Rating

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A father ploughs a supermarket with oxen, the plough ripping the tiles; Niagara falls onto a cathedral altar. These are visions of Adam, a poet who has lost his beloved in a car crash, and who gives up his job as professor of literature to work at a supermarket. Set in 2010, the year of the plane crash in Russia that killed Polish President Lech Kaczynski, a national tragedy imposes on a personal one.
The National Gallery, London

A visionary love story based on a contemporary reading of the 'Divine Comedy'. Like Dante and Beatrice, Orpheus and Eurydice, a hero's love overcomes the death of his beloved woman.
Production Notes

tags: Experimental, Art, Love, Literature, Religion, Feature film

Cast: Michal Tatarek, Elzbieta Okupska, Jacenty Jedrusik, Karolina Korta, Jan Wartak


Screenplay: Lech Majewski, Original von/by: Dante

Director of Photography: Lech Majewski, Pawel Tybora

Film Editor: Eliot Ems, Norbert Rudzik

Composer: Lech Majewski, Józef Skrzek

Production Designer: Lech Majewski

Costume Design: Dorota Lis

Sound: Zbigniew Malecki

Producer: Lech Majewski

Production Company: Angelus Silesius

Co-Producer: Freddy Olsson, Lorenzo Ferrari Ardicini, Mariusz Wrobel

World Sales: Wide Management

Director: Lech Majewski