Ride, Rise, Roar
Filmfest 2010

RIDE, RISE, ROAR covers a number of shows Byrne performed in 2008-09 across the U.S. and Europe in support of his collaboration with Brian Eno. The songs performed are a solid mix of best-of Talking Heads and the new works Bryne created with Eno on their collaboration Everything That Happens Will Happen Today. Bryne’s performance still crackles with energy and wit. The staging portion of the show is visually arresting – Bryne recruited three dancers to back him up and to also perform choreographed numbers (crafted by three different choreographers). His three back-up singers also frequently participated in choreographed movements. Oh, and every now and then, they all dance or sing or play instruments together. The concert is often out-and-out joyful because of this constant, fresh collaboration. Aficionados will be hard-pressed to not find themselves dancing in their seats. Kate Erbland, gordonandthewhale.com

with: David Byrne, Mark Degli Antoni, Paul Frazier, Mauro Reosco, Graham Hawthome, Lily Baldwin, Natalie Kuhn, Steven Reker, Kaissa, Redray Frazier, Jenni Muldaur

tags: Documentary


Director: David Hillman Curtis