Bad Hair
Filmfest 2014

Junior is a 9-year-old boy who has curly, 'bad hair' and dreams of becoming a straight-haired singer. Junior doesn't really fit in anywhere, neither in society's traditional gender roles nor in the world of his overworked mother Marta, who begins to suspect that Junior might be homosexual.
BAD HAIR is a riveting, provocative and heartbreaking domestic drama. Director Mariana Rondón manages to capture both the wide-eyed innocence of childhood and the cruel realities of a stressful working class life... This is a gripping story of pre-sexual awakening and all that comes with exploring one's identity: shame, confusion, isolation and embarrassment.
Stockholm Film Festival

Winner of this year's San Sebastian Film Festival's Golden Shell.

tags: Society, Childhood, Latin America, Motherhood, Sexuality, Feature film

Cast: Beto Benites, Samantha Castillo, Samuel Lange, Nelly Ramos, María Emilia Sulbarán


Screenplay: Mariana Rondón

Director of Photography: Micaela Cajahuaringa

Film Editor: Marité Ugas

Composer: Camilo Froideval

Production Designer: Matías Tikas

Sound: Lena Esquenazi

Producer: Marité Ugás

Production Company: Sudaca Films

Co-Producer: Gunter Hanfgarn

World Sales: FiGa Films LLC

Director: Mariana Rondón