Filmfest 2014

German Age Rating

Two men in an apartment. Irony, conflicts, and fighting. Everything seems to have reached an end. Time is frozen and the imminence of death defines everyday life. Suddenly, a shiny iron object – a periscope – tears the floor apart. At first the two men are frightened but then they realize that someone in the world is interested in their miserable lives. They start to perform, to sing and dance for the periscope. Until some new things emerge...

tags: Aging, Loneliness, Friendship, Latin America, Feature film, Surreal

Cast: Jean-Claude Bernardet, João Miguel


Screenplay: Jean-Claude Bernardet, Kiko Goifman

Director of Photography: Julia Zakia

Film Editor: Vânia Debs, Olivia Brenga

Composer: DJ Dolores

Production Designer: Maíra Mesquita

Costume Design: Maíra Mesquita

Sound: DJ Dolores

Producer: Jurandir Müller

Production Company: Paleoteve Produção Cultural

World Sales: Paleoteve Produção Cultural

Director: Kiko Goifman