Swan Song: The Story Of Billy Wilder’s „Fedora“
Filmfest 2014

German Age Rating

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In retracing the making of FEDORA, Robert Fischer's documentary SWAN SONG: THE STORY OF BILLY WILDER'S 'FEDORA' adds yet another layer of comment and reflection on the film's very own subject matter: 35 years after playing the romantic leads in FEDORA, Marthe Keller and Michael York look back at working with Billy Wilder – and their careers. Additional testimonies come from acclaimed cinematographer Gerry Fisher, producer Harold Nebenzal, Paul Diamond (son of Wilder's writing partner I.A.L. Diamond), and German actor Mario Adorf. Rex McGee, Wilder's long-time friend and protégé, served as a creative consultant on the project. On-set interviews with Billy Wilder himself and a plethora of never-before-published photographs and documents are also included, plus rare footage of the shooting of one of the deleted scenes.

tags: Documentary, Filmmaking

With: Marthe Keller, Michael York, Mario Adorf, Gerry Fisher, Harold Nebenzal


Screenplay: Robert Fischer

Director of Photography: Robert Fischer

Film Editor: Robert Fischer

Composer: Miklós Rózsa

Sound: Robert Fischer

Producer: Robert Fischer

Production Company: Fiction Factory Robert Fischer Filmproduktion

World Sales: Fiction Factory Robert Fischer Filmproduktion

Director: Robert Fischer